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21 Grams: Mindfulness Space

No one is caring for the caregiver. This person can suffer higher rates of depression and anxiety. More than 20% of caregivers report that their health has gotten worse as a result of caregiving (Source: 21 Grams – Brief 2022, D&AD New Blood Awards). A caregiver’s home can become a source of stress because they associate it with the hard work they do taking care of a sick or old family member. We’ll partner with Airbnb to create a mindfulness hosting experience where caregivers can practice self-care and receive medical attention in a stress-free space.

Team Work:
Elfreda Tetteh – Collaboration Copywriter
Elva Pacheco – Art Direction, Graphic Design and Creative Concept
Israel Salazar – Collaboration

Finalist- Talent Golden Award of Montreux 2022