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Nike: The Freshest AF1 sneaker

Nike allows the customer to purify the air by creating a sneaker painted with Graphene Lime paint. This paint catches carbon emissions and purifies the surrounding air. The creative idea is about letting the customer be an active participant in purifying the air – just by wearing sneakers. The use of Graphene Lime Paint not only purify the air, but also create a buzz because the design only reveals once the carbon has been absorbed.

Team Work:
Tracy Kintu – Art Direction
Nursolehin Yunos – Art Direction
Elva Pacheco – Art Direction / Graphic Design and Illustration
Sarah Buggle – Mentor, Creative Director Jung von Matt Spree Berlin

Awards (Student Competition):
Sholist – Clio Awards 2021
Merit Award – ADC Young ones
Shorlist – The Drum Chip Shop Awards
Finalist – New York Festival
Finalist – Ad of Stars
Finalist – Singapore Crowbar Awards