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WhatsApp: Deep Down

The stigma surrounding mental health for those classified in Generation Z has been a growing issue. These youths are generally afraid to speak up due to the concept of “Saving Face”, which might be instilled by society. Having to address mental health issues is perceived as a loss of social standing amongst peers too.

Music, however, is an excellent outlet for Gen Zs to express their emotions. With WhatsApp being at the touch of anybody’s fingertips, they have given their platform an opportunity for youths to express their deepest thoughts and feelings. In collaboration with Billie Eilish and her composers, we have created “Deep Down, the Voice of Us”. Billie Eilish’s composer will compose songs that will be part of her new playlist. Ideally, this will inspire youths to be vulnerable and express their emotions through this platform and raise awareness as well as on social media sites.

Team Work:
Nursolehin Yunos – Art Direction
Elva Pacheco – Art Direction
David Stadtmuller – Tutor