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FoodPanda: Social Media (work experience)

In order to position FoodPanda as a delivery service not only for restaurants but also for supermarkets and pharmacies, we worked on a series of posts for Instagram stories. The idea is to play with products that suggest well-known movies. Here are 4 movies ideas, but there was more than 10!

Team Work:
Elva Pacheco – Junior Art Direction / Concept Creator
Sebastiao Assis – Junior Copywriter
Guillermo Aliaga-Pueyrredon – Senior Creative Ogilvy Berlin
Tomás O’Gorman – Senior Creative Ogilvy Berlin

Graphic Design

In this section, are some alternative movie posters inspired on Saul Bass’s work, and 3D designs.


How can I imagine a Vanity Magazine cover? Here some options with a lovely model. I have really enjoyed making portrait shots.

Mood Board (work experience)

I really enjoy working with mood boards. The challenge was to make a premium brand look modern, with cozy atmosphere.